Accelerated K-6 Overview

  • Gilbert Public Schools offers K-6 Accelerated classroom learning experiences at five of our elementary schools, across the district, to meet the needs of our students and families.  This is a unique opportunity for students with strong academic abilities and a love of learning to be challenged in a supported learning environment.  Accelerated includes highly-qualified Gilbert Public Schools teachers in every classroom, a well-established 性爱视频 curriculum, and enrichments through STEM or capstone projects that support students to thrive.  All five schools also offer conventional classrooms, making them the perfect destination for your family, where your children can find the learning experience that truly meets their needs!

    Elementary Schools Offering Accelerated K-6 - Schedule a Tour Today!

    - Highland Park Elementary

    - Meridian Elementary

    - Playa del Rey Elementary

    - Quartz Hill Elementary

    - Val Vista Lakes Elementary

Welcome to Accelerated K-6 at Gilbert Public Schools

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