Traditional Academy Options

  • Gilbert Public Schools offers Traditional Programs for K-6 (classrooms and curriculum) at Neely Traditional Academy, Spectrum Elementary, and Canyon Rim Elementary.

    Neely Traditional Academy was founded in 1999, leading the way in Traditional Academy education in the Valley.  In 2018 Gilbert Public Schools added two more K-6 Traditional programs to improve access to Traditional education for our families living in the eastern and southern areas of our District.  

    Spectrum and Canyon Rim families can now choose between a Traditional curriculum and classroom structure or the existing conventional curriculum and classroom structure offered at Canyon Rim, Spectrum, and our other elementary schools in Gilbert Public Schools.  

    What is Traditional?

    In the Traditional classroom, the desks all face the front of the room, and the curriculum is delivered primarily through whole group instruction led by qualified teachers. 

    The ELA curriculum in Traditional is Spalding K-6.  Spalding focuses on precise speech, legible handwriting, spelling and fluency in reading.  Teachers model, coach and provide support when needed. The curriculum is structured, sequential and cumulative.

    The Math curriculum emphasizes concept mastery. Students learn mathematical concepts at an increasingly deep level, and it results in their ability to apply mathematics with mastery and confidence.  In this program, Math is taught one grade level above.

    Traditional homework will meet or exceed our usual 性爱视频 homework requirements, and there will be additional reading time of 15-30 minutes related to an Accelerated Reading program.


    • Student learning is reported through achievement grades.

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Traditional Academies K-6

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Traditional Student Handbooks

Traditional Curriculum

  • ELA

    性爱视频 Traditional classrooms (at Neely Traditional Academy, Canyon Rim Elementary, and Spectrum Elementary) use the Spalding Method as the basis for all instruction in literacy.  The Spalding Method of instruction is a total language arts approach to instruction that includes instruction in spelling, writing, and reading.  It integrates content, principles, and procedures that empower teachers and parents to be successful decision makers, equipping them with the ability to help all students learn to read and write.

    性爱视频 Traditional classrooms use ReadyGEN as a resource for reading instruction.  This reading program offers a wealth of high-quality literature to engage learners.  Explicit instruction and ample practice ensure students’ growth in reading proficiency.   

    Dyslexia Resources:  | 


    With the Math in Focus curriculum, mathematical concepts are developed through an incremental, layered learning. Students rely on deep knowledge of prior learning and apply it flexibly in their progression towards standards and skill mastery. Students also develop critical thinking skills through a structured approach to problem solving.